Mental War EP

by The Cotards

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released October 20, 2016

Willy Cotard: Vocals/Guitar
Rumble Jack: Bass
Dr. Nepal: Drums

Mixing, mastering, pushing the buttons..: Jake Digital



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The Cotards Kuopio, Finland

Willy Cotard: Vocals
Dizz Comfort: Guitar
Rumble Jack: Bass
Dr. Nepal: Drums

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Track Name: Mental War
So tired I can't take it anymore
Tired of this mental war
Track Name: Cult Leader Mindset
I wanna be a cult leader
I wanna have the power
to make all people do
whatever I want

Gonna be the new wave Jesus
Gonna make you believe us
You're gonna do as you're told
I'm gonna use that power wrong

Cult leader mindset
Stuck in my head
Cult leader mindset
You're gonna be dead

Just speak compelling and be the lord
and use that power wrong
Track Name: Patient Zero
People say that I'm crazy
They alwasy leave me alone
They are busy taking pictures
on their telephones

They lock me up in their facilities
They drug me till I'm dead
They look at me like I'm an animal
Like I'm out of my head

Patient Zero
Track Name: I Got a Problem
I got a problem in my head
I got a problem and I'm seeing red

Don't you stand in my way
I won't take this shit for another day
Take your rules - I won't obey
I'm just living day by day
Track Name: Nothing to Prove
Got nothing to prove

Nothing positive ever comes from you
I'm so tired of you

Got nothing to prove

You're not down with who I am
Well boo-hoo
You can fuck off
I don't need you

Nothing to prove
Track Name: Vultures
Mouth's a rifle
Words the shells
You're ideals don't match with mine

You wanna shut me to a cell
If you dare you can try

I see vultures
Eat right outta your hand
I know you're good with words
but I see through your mask

Paint a target on my head
Aim and preach till I'm dead
You wanna get inside my skull
Then I'm gonna make you fall
Track Name: I Want the Fuck Out
I want the fuck out of this dump
I want the fuck out of my job
I want the fuck out of my life
Don't you dare say a word

I want the fuck out

I want the fuck out of my bed
I want the fuck out of my head
I want the fuck out of my life
Don't you dare say a word